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Plastic Surgery Equipment

What is plastic surgery?

Before getting the details regarding plastic surgery equipment, first of all, know about the Plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is the repair, reconstruction, or alteration of the body through surgical treatments. These are for cosmetic purposes, whether it’s to alter the body or recover from physical trauma.

Most likely, you have seen the results of the work of plastic surgeons many times. And you might not even think about what normally stands behind a surgeon’s high professionalism. An excellent professional is required to have in-depth medical knowledge, many hours of practice, and continuous professional development.

Any patient will utilize the administrations of an accomplished specialist unafraid. However, there is another integral part of a successful surgery – high-quality tools.

Compare and reduce cost over these other plastic surgery equipment used in:

  • Plastic surgery procedures are performed to restore, alter, replace, or reconstruct areas of the body in areas such as skin, cranio, and maxillofacial, musculoskeletal, hand, breast, and torso.
  • Types of plastic surgery equipment commonly used in plastic surgery include:
    • Awls, chisels, curettes, gouges, and mallets
    • Pliers, osteotomes, rasps, rongeurs, and wire and pin instruments
    • Electrosurgical instruments, for example, bipolar and monopolar forceps, cables, and electrosurgical units
    • Cannulas, calipers, gauges, markers, and rulers
    • Clamps, forceps, graspers, elevators, and spreaders
    • Dissectors, elevators, hooks, and probes
    • Endo brow lift instruments, knives, and punches
    • Needle holders and needles
    • Speculums and retractors in styles such as hand-held, self-retaining, and fiberoptic
    • scissors in traditional and super-cut style

Here is the information regarding plastic surgery equipment and characteristics that have the plastic surgery equipment which is used while performing the plastic surgery and also the plastic surgery equipment which is used in different steps while doing the plastic surgery.

Medical supplies for plastic surgery from the manufacturer

Nowadays, talented plastic surgeons have become real celebrities in the USA and Europe. Many famous actors and models stand in line to get a date with them. However, only colleagues can understand the difficulties and challenges that surgeons face every day. To provide their patients with the expected results and safety, high-quality surgical instruments are one of the non-negotiable requirements.

  • Durability and strength of assembly parts: To focus completely on the work process, you must ensure the quality of every detail.
  • Ergonomics: The surgery can take several hours. Hence, it is important that the tool is light and comfortable to use. All new med products are effective and easy to use.
  • Wear-resistant: Sterility is an absolute rule in the surgical room and no compromises are allowed in it, repeated sterilization can shorten the life of the instruments. We have solved this problem, and now you can save a significant portion of your plastic surgery clinic budget. In the New Med plastic surgery instruments category, you will find high-quality instruments for plastic surgeons.
  • Anesthesiology equipment: The anesthesia equipment at Medical includes all the tools necessary to safely manage anesthesia during surgical procedures, including plastic surgery. Doctors have access to reliable anesthesia machines, including certified pre-owned models that have been refurbished to excellent condition.

Liposuction aspirators for plastic surgery

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat from parts of the body through suction. Doctors will find a variety of aspiration and assembly equipment available from trusted brands. Straws and tubes can be used to safely remove excess fat, and collected in glass or plastic containers before disposal.

Fat grafting system for plastic surgery

Fat grafting is the process of removing and transferring excess fat from areas of the body to other areas of the body. This procedure is popular for liposuction and breast treatment, and it is considered best for patients, as they use their own tissues for the procedures.

The equipment needed to perform fat injection procedures, including syringes, shelves, snap syringe locks, injection guns, and cannula.

Endoscopy equipment for plastic surgery

Endoscopy equipment is any small and thin recording device used to look inside the body. It is usually inserted through an open cavity, such as the throat or nose, to obtain an internal view of an organ or other open area of the body. Endoscopy is not a treatment or a surgical procedure, but rather a monitoring tool for doctors to obtain an accurate picture of a patient’s condition. From there, they can better evaluate and create a treatment plan with the patient.

Surgery lights and tables

Any plastic surgeon needs reliable and bright lighting to better treat their patients and complete the procedures with plastic surgery equipment. Various lighting options from Burton, which are available in three mounting styles: wall mount, ceiling mount, or floor mount. These surgical lights can be easily adjusted with one hand, shaping them in such a way that shadows do not block the light.

Post-surgery compression garments

Compression garments can be considered one of the most important tools in a patient’s recovery from plastic surgery. They continue to restore stable, orderly, and shaped areas of the body so that the body part heals properly. Includes available compression garments:

  • Abdominal binders
  • Torso garments
  • Compression vests
  • Facial wraps / Garments
  • Arm and back garments
  • Compression bra / Breast augmentation wraps / Mammary supports
  • Above knee compression girdles
  • Compression belts

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